MRT Ridlerstrasse 37

  • NEW: wide-board MRI "Siemens Aera 1,5T"
  • NEW: open dedicated MRI for examination of the lower and upper limb. "Optima 430s GE"

The group practice Radiologie München Zentrum has a pool of state-of-the-art equipment which permits our patients the maximum degree of reliability and comfort.

Because of the exclusive technical equipment, almost all radiological and nuclear medical examinations can be performed in our practice.

MRI Sonnenstrasse 17

  • NEW: high end, high field "wide tube MRI" "Ingina 1.5T Philips
  • Magnetic resonance imaging scanner 1.5T "Siemens Magnetom Avanto"


  • New: Low-radiation 64-slice volume CT scanner General Electric (GE) Optima CT 660 (Ridlerstr.37)
  • Computed tomography scanner Siemens "Somatom Emotion 6" (Sonnenstr. 17)


  • General Electric (GE) "Logic 3 pro"
  • Siemens Sono-Line "Prima G40"

Nuclear medicine

  • Gamma camera Siemens "E.Cam TM", two-headed

Bone density measurement

  • General Electric (GE) "Lunar DPX"
  • Computed tomography scanner "Somatom Emotion 6"

Direct DIGITAL radiology (ddR)

  • Swissray "ddR Formula"

DIGITAL mammography

  • Siemens "Mammomat 3000 Nova"
  • Fujifilm storage phosphor imaging plate FCR Profekt

Contact persons

The contact persons for this area are all our doctors