Magnetic resonance imaging


A distinction is made between two types of equipment:

  • Closed systems: In this equipment the patient is laid in a tube.
  • Open systems: This systems are build with an increased diameter of the tube and a very short magnet. Open MRI

Who may not be examined in an MRI scanner?

Patients with a pacemaker, pregnant women in the first 3 months of pregnancy, some patients with old cardiac valves (this must be discussed with the radiologist before every examinations).


An MRI examination takes c. 15 minutes depending on the body part being scanned.

Must contrast agent be injected for the examination?

In some cases contrast agent containing gadolinium must be applied intravenously. Side-effects such as allergic reactions are rare.

Magnetic resonance imaging is the most modern method of diagnostic imaging with unmatched contrast of the soft tissues.
In contrast to computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging operates without X-rays and thus does not expose the patient to radiation. The images are created by a strong magnetic field in which the patient is laid.