Various forms of therapy for patients with chronic diseases of the back or joints are offered in our practice.

Minimally-invasive spine pain therapy

Chronic back pains are one of the most frequent complaints. Therapy is often difficult and takes a long time. With microinvasive spine pain therapy very fine needles can be used which, under the control of a computed tomography scanner, are placed directly at the point where the pain occurs and relieve the pain quickly and often on a long-term basis.

Both PRT (periradicular therapy) and facet joint infiltration are performed in our practice by doctors (Dr. Remplik and Dr. Strauswald) who have been specially trained for this.

Anti-inflammatory therapy of chronic joint diseases

Radiosynoviorthesis is a nuclear medical method for treating chronically degenerative and chronically inflammatory joint diseases. The inflammation is treated on a long-term basis by injecting nuclear medical substances into the joint.

In our practice radiosynoviorthesis is performed only by Dr. Winter.