Quantitative CT (QCT)


The bone density of the trabecular and compact bone can be measured separately and distinguished.

The disadvantage is that the radiation exposure is considerably higher than with the DPX or DXA method. QCT is therefore only suited to a limited degree for frequent check-ups and measurements. In addition, only the bone density of the spine (lumbar spine) is determined with this method. Measurements in the hip area are only possible to a limited degree.

As a result, no diagnostic statements can be made regarding the extent of senile osteoporosis (type II).
The standard deviations (t value) mentioned with the DPX and DXA methods cannot simply be transferred to quantitative computed tomography.

Bone density measurement - QCT

Aligning the measuring field for the targeted measurement of the "trabecular" bone

Further information on bone density measurement

DPX (DEXA method)

Typical patterns of affection for osteoporosis