Punch biopsy of the breast

In the case of suspect findings - be it in palpation, sonography or mammography (BIRADS III or IV) - breast punch biopsy offers the opportunity of histological appraisal (cell analysis). According to the guidelines, suspect findings must be diagnosed histologically before a potential operation, i.e. at least a cell analysis must have been performed which justifies an operation on the breast.

Ultrasound punch biopsy means that today a method is available which is almost pain-free and is tolerated well by the vast majority of patients. The (diagnostic) operations which were once performed are consequently only required in exceptional cases today.

A punch biopsy is performed after the skin has been locally anaesthetised. Subsequently several small samples are taken from the suspect findings and sent for histological assessment.

The result of the biopsy is generally available on the next working day, which permits a quick decision on the further procedure.