CT angiography

CT angiography is an examination of the vessels. In addition to the vessels in the arms and legs, the vessels in the neck and head can also be displayed with greatest precision. The aorta and the cardiovascular system can also be examined (cardiac CT).
CT angiography can be used to examine all the vessels in the body. However, the indication should always be agreed on by the doctor providing the treatment and the radiologist.

A contrast agent must always be injected in a vein to perform CT angiography. This is generally well tolerated; allergic reactions are very rare.

To perform the examination we require a current TSH value for patients >60 years (laboratory examination to determine how the thyroid is functioning) and a creatinine value (kidney function) for all patients. The creatinine value can also be determined in our practice.

Medicines containing metformin (for diabetics) should be discontinued for two days before the examination.

No known allergies to contrast agents may exist.

CT angiography of the aorta in the area of the thorax and abdomen.