High-field magnetic resonance imaging

At our new city centre practice at Sonnenstrasse 17, a state-of-the-art MRI scanner has been installed which enables important diagnostic questions to be answered with outstanding picture quality and great convenience for the examination.

In addition to the customary MRI examinations, the following special examinations are also possible:

MR angiography (magnetic resonance imaging of the vessels)

Direct MR arthrography (examination of the joints after contrast agent has been administered into the jointspace)


Since June 2013 we installed another wide board MRI scanner with an increased diameter of the gantry and a increased patient comfort. Consequently we are now able to examine claustrophobic patients in the Sonnenstraße 17. 

The new MRI-scanner is a high end scanner wich offers the possibility to perfome whole body MRI examinations in at least 40 minutes.



Magnetic resonance imaging