Open magnetic resonance imaging

The typical design of a magnetic resonance imaging scanner means that the patient must be laid in a tube (60 cm diameter). The market also offers "open MRI scanners", which enable the patient to be laid more comfortably (70 cm diameter).

The vast majority of patients do not mind being laid in the narrow tube ( > 95%), but occasionally a patient cannot be examined in the narrow tube because they suffer from claustrophobia or are obese. In such cases the patient can generally be examined without any problem in an "open MRI scanner", with an extended diameter and a very short magnet design.

Our practice has two "open MRI scanner" at Ridlerstrasse 37 and another one in Sonnenstraße 17.

All systems are state of the art high field MRI scanner. Beside the two wide board MRI scanner (70 cm diameter) we offer a dedicated MRI scanner for the upper and lower limb. In this scanner the patient is sitting in front of the gantry.

Thanks to the system we use (high-field MRI scanner with a field strength of 1.0T), excellent picture quality can also be achieved with the open system.

In contrast to the customary "low-field systems", the patient does not need to apply for the health insurance fund to bear the costs for an examination with our MRI scanner.

Examinations in the open MRI scanner take an average of around 20 minutes and no special preparation is required.

wide-board MRI

Since April 2011 we offer a new wide-board MRI scanner (Siemens Aera), wich will improve patients comfort and imaging quality.

The new design of a wide-board MRI includes a shortened magnet and a increased size of the tube. Therefore we will be able to perfome all diagnostic procedures in all patients, even if they are claustrophobic.



"dedicated" Joint- MRI

Since august 2012 we add a new "dedicated" Joint-MRI at the department Ridlerstraße for examination of the joints. Caused by the spacial design of the scanner it is no longer nacessary to stay inside a tube during the examination. In this machine the patient can sit infront of the gantry. Therefore we will be able to examine patients with claustrophobia.

Unfortunatelly the scanner is limitated for examinations of the wrist, elbow, knee, ankle and foot.


Open MRI

didicated "joint" MRI

Bequeme Lagerung außerhalb der Röhre. (GE Optima 430s)