Thyroid puncture

When it is unclear whether there are "nodules" in the thyroid gland, a conclusive diagnosis is often only possible when a tissue sample is taken which is examined by the pathologist.

Tissue samples are taken using ultrasound control. After the tissue samples have been examined by the pathologist, both a reliable statement can be made about the type of nodule and a decision can be taken regarding the further treatment.

Thyroid sonography (ultrasound examination) and thyroid scintigraphy are basic examinations before a thyroid puncture.

What must be borne in mind before a thyroid puncture (fine needle aspiration)?

Medicines which thin the blood (ASS, Aspirin, Heparin) must be discontinued before the examination.

Thyroid biopsy (fine needle aspiration) may only be performed on patients undergoing marcumar therapy after they have switched to heparin or have a Quick value of >50%.

No blood coagulation disorder may exist.


Further information on the thyroid gland

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